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Asphalt Mix Production and Manufacturing

B & S Contracting not only designs, grades and paves, we also manufacture asphalt. We provide contractors like you with the asphalt mix and assistance you need to create long-lasting, sustainable asphalt pavement.

Our reputation, the quality of mix we produce, and our VDOT certified testing labs are the reasons so many contractors turn to us. What’s more, it’s our commitment to helping you achieve your goals that stand out. Additionally, we help you maximize the dollars you spend, saving time and money

With two asphalt manufacturing plants to serve the area, B & S Contracting has the capability of running 24-hour production shifts. Plus, our skilled crews work to meet and exceed customer needs. We’re committed to providing recommendations and education along the way.

Types of Asphalt we Manufacture


Most commonly used for interstates, highways, and roads because of its flexibility, weather resistance, and ability to repel water.


Used outside of normal paving and construction months. No heavy machinery required. Better for the environment.


Preferred method for patching potholes. 90% of pothole repairs never need re-patching. Huge cost savings.

Quality Production Control for Superior Asphalt Mixes

Because B & S Contracting manufactures its own asphalt, we control the quality! As a result, before asphalt is ever made at our facilities, our certified lab technicians verify the quality of the stones by performing tests.

That’s because we know that if the aggregates are poor, the asphalt will not perform.

Once the aggregates pass our strict quality standards, they can be processed for asphalt production. After the asphalt has been made, our lab technician will test it again at the job site to ensure that it performs correctly.

Most importantly, not only do we test and re-test to ensure superior quality, but our asphalt must also meet or exceed Virginia State standards for quality control.

The ability to control the raw materials used and the ability to control the quality of the asphalt manufacturing process is the reason so many paving contractors turn to us.

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Upon request, B & S Contracting can supply contractors with pickup or delivered prices for your material requirements.