Commercial Asphalt Paving Helps Save Your Business Money

It’s no secret that commercial asphalt paving offers the smoothest, safest ride for highways and streets. And, for outdoor activities, like tennis courts, it has great flexibility, making it easy on back, feet, and knees. Plus, properly installed asphalt requires little maintenance.

Is it any wonder it’s the go-to commercial choice in paving?

Developers and business owners alike know that custom asphalt solutions save money with proper installation, water drainage, and management. Plus, commercial paving offers green infrastructure solutions, too.

That’s the beauty of asphalt paving. It’s versatile, flexible, and cost-effective!

How Asphalt Paving Can Save You Time and Money

Money is the one commodity we all want more of. And that’s what makes commercial asphalt paving and maintenance such an excellent value.

What are the steps to ensuring proper asphalt installation and longevity?

We’ve got them outlined here.

Asphalt Drainage

Poor drainage on a commercial lot means more frequent repairs. That’s why the first step in long lasting, high performing asphalt is determining proper drainage in the sub-base.

Lot Design and Structure

Is the site to be re-paved structurally unsound due to poor workmanship or pavement structure? A thorough evaluation will determine its structural stability first. If issues are found, we create a plan for solving them before paving begins.

Asphalt Installation

Compaction preserves the integrity of the asphalt overlay because it ensures a solid base with proper drainage. B & S Contracting tests the road surface area for any soft spots, resolving those issues before continuing to apply asphalt. This safeguards proper compaction and grading.

Porous Asphalt Pavement and Tax Credits

Porous asphalt is also considered a green infrastructure solution. If you decide to use it for a driveway or parking lot installation, you could receive a tax or “green” credit. It’s worth exploring!

Choose A Reputable Asphalt Contractor

Who you choose to work with affects the quality of the installation as well as the longevity of the asphalt surface.


Always choose a contractor with experience in installing parking lots and driveways of the same scope as your project.

Municipality Requirements

Choose a contractor that has experience working in the area and knows the municipality requirements.

Verify Contractor Licenses

Verify that the contractor is licensed and insured and ask to see examples of their previous work.

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