Can you repair my existing driveway?

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One of the advantages of asphalt is that it’s one of the easiest paving surfaces to repair. B & S Contracting offers several repair options that we can discuss with you. However, before we do anything, we will provide a professional consultation to determine your best options.

Why should I choose B & S Contracting to pave my driveway, parking lot, or for a municipal project?

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B & S Contracting is a VDOT award winning paving contractor using state-of-the-art equipment. And, we have VDOT certified labs and certified lab technicians. Please see our portfolio for a sample of the work we have done. Our company has been providing superior asphalt paving services to the Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta County area since 1982.

What’s the benefit of choosing asphalt pavement over gravel?

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Gravel is a good economical choice for the short term. But a well-paved parking lot or driveway is a more permanent solution that’s less costly in the long run. As a business owner, it’s an additional safety measure. As a homeowner, it’s more economical, far less troublesome in bad weather, and elevates the overall appearance

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